You’re Using Linkedin Wrong! Here’s Why…

Posted On December 18, 2019

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LinkedIn is one of the strongest opportunities you have to build your reputation and your network within your niche or industry. Personal Branding has become a buzzword, with some even describing it at gross.

Personal Branding isn’t gross, or braggadocious. It’s reputation management. Plain and simple.

Personal Branding has always existed, there is nothing gross about making an active effort in defining your reputation, highlighting your body of work, and making accurate information about you searchable and accessible. Linkedin is the ideal platform for building your personal brand and connecting if your professional peers in 2020.

Recently LinkedIn has started being known for being a media publishing platform more than being a digital resume, but many who are not active in the current social media landscape, still see LinkedIn as an online resume and use it in that way, rather than taking full advantage of its full range of media and publishing features.

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There are several powerful media features within LinkedIn that you can be taking advantage of to publish content and scale your reputation:

  • LinkedIn Video Uploads Up to 10 Minutes
  • Slideshare for Sharing Presentations and PDFs
  • LinkedIn Article Publishing
  • Directly Sharing Videos from YouTube and Other Platforms
  • LinkedIn Image Post for Photos and Infographics
  • Directly Sharing and Distributing External Links
  • Voice DM’s similar to Instagram, iMessage and Facebook
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While it is important to focus on the core aspects of LinkedIn, such as an up to date job or career role in your headline, and a proper bio, many also overlook the aesthetic and visual aspects of their LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn in recent years has added a cover graphic, consistent with other social media platforms, that allows you to brand yourself and if done well can help you promote and market yourself, your products or services.

Many LinkedIn users also neglect to have a well-done headshot in the profile. These small flourishes show effort and attention to detail that helps build authority and create context on you within your industry or niche.


An issue that has to be acknowledged is that many just don’t see how their brand fits on LinkedIn. There are several types of people who struggle with this particular issue and don’t think their personal brand fits on LinkedIn:

  • Entertainers and Content Creators/ Influencers
  • Small Business Owners Who Are Not Public Figures
  • Employees within Organizations Not Seeking New Careers
  • College Students and Continuing Education Students
  • Artist and Creative Professionals

Any of these individuals can benefit by using LinkedIn, the issue is the narrow context in which they currently view their own brand in social media.

As someone who coaches and mentors many content creators within different niches of social media, I constantly hear the following:

“My content doesn’t really work for LinkedIn”.

This is a narrow scope of looking at yourself as an individual and as a brand. If you are a content creator, then you also are professional, essentially acting as an independent media company or Creative Director. At the bare minimum, you are an entrepreneur, video editor, and cinematographer.

Highlighting those skills and putting yourself into a professional context is actually valuable to you long term. It also means that if you are pursuing industry contacts with brands an companies or traditional media opportunities, you have a place that is business and career-driven to engage with them and build your network.

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Using LinkedIn the Best Way for Your Brand

Building Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn may seem daunting and like it’s going to be a struggle to not create boring and stale content. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

You can build a powerful and dynamic brand on any platform. Take this as the opportunity if you are someone who is known for being more casual, or entertaining, to show your serious side and thoughtfulness.

Take the opportunity to think about how you want to be viewed long term by potential business partners, employers, employees, and also your professional peers.

It’s not about being inauthentic, it’s actually an opportunity to be more candid and direct and not have to “perform” for your audience if you really think about it. Take this opportunity and leverage it.


  • Demonstrate Your Skills and Background with Video
  • Use Video Content to Add Your 2 Cents Via Industry Commentary
  • Create a Small Highlight Reel for Yourself
  • Use LinkedIn Live to Conduct Interviews or Be Interviewed
  • Promote Clips from Your Video Podcast to Drive Traffic

Just remember, LinkedIn is a platform right now that offers some of the best organic reach and it allows you to reach a serious business and career-driven audience.

You can make the most of this by using it for native content as well as distribution. But don’t forget that it is also a social platform and a place where you can connect with professionals.

LinkedIn can be a powerful asset in your personal brand that can help you connect with others, establish your authority and scale your reputation by delivering content that highlights your strengths, insights and previous experience.

You just have to be willing to push the PUBLISH button.





Written by Roberto Blake

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