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Making Money Is Simple Creating Value Is Hard

This Episode is the harsh truth about what it takes to make money online and why most people fail at it. We get very candid about the online entrepreneur space and why developing your skills and understanding of who you serve is essential to any entrepreneur or would-be content creator who wants to earn a full-time income, or even extra money on the side.

Building a Passive Income Engine as a Creator

It’s become very cute and cliche to say “there is no such thing as passive income”, yet almost everyone who says that is currently earning passive income and would be able to go at least 2-3 months without working before it dramatically affected their quality of life. Can you do that? The answer is probably no. So in this episode I breakdown EXACTLY how myself and other Creators have build our passive income engines through evergreen content as well as other methods.

Sara Dietschy Interview 

My good friend Sara Dietschy comes on the show and we talk about EVERYTHING, including the Casey Neistat shoutout and how it changed her life, brand deal secrets, and the Adobe Creative Residency. Sara gives us the real tea on what being a full-time influencer is actually like and not just the highlight reel, but the harsh realities that go along with being internet famous.

Hard Work VS Dumb Luck – The Truth About Success 

In this Episode I get very candidate about how “Luck” has become an easy way to sound fake humble, and why success is a game of skill and not a game of chance. This episode is not for the faint of heart or for people who need to be validated.

Why Motivation and Productivity Feels Impossible

For anyone who is struggling with their overall motivation and productivity this episode is a must listen/watch. Its extremely hard to be consistent when you lack structure and when you feel you can’t protect your peace of mind or have an abundance of distractions.



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