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Roberto Blake is a Creative Entrepreneur, Keynote Speaker and currently the head of Create Awesome Media and the Founder of Awesome Creator Academy, where he and his team help other Creators grow their audience and income to become full-time Creators. Forbes named Roberto as one of the 20 Must Watch YouTube Channels that Will Change Your Business.

Roberto is the Bestselling Author of the book “Create Something Awesome: How Creators Are Profiting Their Passion in the Creator Economy”.  Roberto educates creators on how to start creating high-value content, grow an engaged audience, and generate a full-time income from YouTube, Podcasting, and Live Streaming.  

On the YouTube channel where Roberto educates aspiring Creators and Entrepreneurs he has gained over 600,000 Subscribers and over 40 Million Video Views.   

To date, Roberto has earned over $2M in revenue as a full-time Creator grown his audience to over 600,000, and generated over 40M views. He has worked with over 500 Creators who collectively have generated 5 Billion views.


In the fall of 2022, Roberto Blake self-published his first book Create Something Awesome which became an Amazon Bestseller in the Podcasting and Online Business Categories. This book has received high positive reviews with 78% of all ratings being 5 Stars on Amazon.


Roberto Blake’s Story

Roberto is the oldest of 4 children and was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1984. As a “military brat” Roberto traveled all over the country with his family and was always the “new kid”. Roberto has always been a Creative Entrepreneur, since the age of 6 selling his artwork and hand-drawn comics to his classmates at school. At age 14 he had work published in the book “A Celebration of Young North Carolina Poets”, and at 16 was competing in local art competitions and winning awards for both traditional and digital illustration.

When Roberto was 13 he taught himself how to code HTML, CSS, and Javascript in the early days of the modern internet on AOL. The computer gifted to the family by his grandmother (Marjorie) would change his entire life and future, and help him develop the skills he would use throughout his career. At age 22 he would begin his career working as an in-house graphic designer and web designer. He would later go on to work for a New York advertising agency, working primarily on OOH Campaigns in cable broadcast, with clients including HBO Sports, Big Ten Network, and Rainbow Media.

Roberto would leave his corporate life and career to become a full-time freelancer and creator in 2013, focused on his abilities in creative services, but also social media marketing in the early days of this being relevant for brands and individuals. Roberto build his own base of clients and network using primarily Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to develop his personal brand and what would become the beginnings of Create Awesome Media.

In 2009 Roberto started his self-titled YouTube Channel, mostly to demonstrate and answer questions about his early digital cameras. In the Summer of 2013, Roberto decided to take content on YouTube seriously and committed to weekly uploads and grew an audience of 20,000 subscribers by February of 2015; by May of 2016 he had grown that audience to 100,000 subscribers on YouTube.

While working as a freelance writer for FW Media in 2015, Roberto was offered the opportunity to speak at HOW DESIGN LIVE and this was the beginning of his career as a public speaker. Roberto would go on to speak at events like Social Media Marketing World, VidCon, ShutterFest, Vidsummit, and other major industry events over the years. He has given over 100 presentations around topics like Personal Branding, YouTube Audience Growth, The Creator Economy, and practical workshops around Content Creation.

For nearly a decade Roberto has helped other creators build their careers, develop their personal brands and monetize their creativity and skills. The monetization aspect of the Creator Economy has been Roberto’s primary focus since many creators struggle to properly monetize or adopt a business mindset to their creative work. By creating over 1600+ videos across YouTube, over 2000+ live streams, and generating over 30M views Roberto has helped thousands of creators to develop the skills to build a personal brand, grow an audience and diversify the income around their creativity.

In late 2017 he founded Awesome Creator Academy and formally started coaching individual Creators 1 on 1, and also developed a group coaching program focused around live group calls. Today the Academy is Roberto’s primary focus outside of content creation, and the goal surrounding Awesome Creator Academy is to help content creators monetize and eventually become full-time creators who can earn 6 figures a year.

As an early adopter to the Creator Economy and one of the pioneers in the space, Roberto has grown and audience of over 700,000 Creators across YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Spotify. He’s accomplished this with a focus on high-quality evergreen content that primarily focuses on high value content that Creators can’t find elsewhere.

In the Fall of 2022, Roberto published his first self-published book, Create Something Awesome: How Creators are Profiting from their Passion in the Creator Economy.

Roberto Blake - Author/ Speaker/ Podcaster/ YouTuber

Roberto Blake - Author/ Speaker/ Podcaster/ YouTuber

Founder of Awesome Creator Academy

Roberto Blake is the author of Create Something Awesome: How Creators are Profiting from their Passion in the Creator EconomyHe is also a Keynote Speaker and has been a Content Creator for over a decade who has produced over 1600 videos.

Roberto has personally coached hundreds of successful Creators and been a mentor from afar to thousands of Creators over the years.

  • Who Helped Roberto Along the Way?

    While Roberto had many influences in the world of both creativity and social media including Pat Flynn, Terry White, Jared Polin, Chase Jarvis, and Gary Vaynerchuk, Roberto did not have any direct mentors.

    Roberto has been mostly self-taught in his career but has benefited from the example of his heroes and peers.

  • What Did Roberto Blake Do Before Social Media and YOuTUBE?

    Before Social Media and YouTube Success Roberto had a background in Graphic Design and Advertising. He attended Community College in a small North Carolina town where he grew up. Roberto's formal career started as an in-house Graphic Designer and Web Designer. He later went on to work as a Senior Designer at an agency focused on OOH Advertising for Cable and Broadcast. Roberto would end his corporate life working as a marketing manager before moving into freelancing and then entrepreneurship.

  • Where is Roberto Blake FRom?

    Roberto was born in Brooklyn New York and currently lives and works in the Atlanta, Georgia area while traveling frequently for speaking engagements and collaborations.


    Roberto Blake started his YouTube Channel in 2009 but didn't launch and create consistent content until the summer of 2013. Roberto grew from 0 to 100,000 subscribers in 3 years between 2013 and 2016.

  • Why Does Roberto Help Other Creators

    Roberto has always been passionate about the idea of Creative Entrepreneurship and the Creator Economy.

    His own personal goal is to help 10,000 Creators earn over $100,000 a year as full-time Creators. The drive behind this goal and ambition is rooted in a personal history of not having his own Creativity valued and acknowledged in his early career and school life.

  • How Does Roberto Blake Earn His Money?

    Roberto has always been transparent about his online businesses and shared the details as a teachable moment for other creators. While he has over a dozen sources of income Roberto focuses on some very specific income streams:

    1. YouTube Monetization
    2. Monetization of Other Platforms
    3. Long Term Sponsorships & Brand Deals
    4. Affiliate Marketing Partnerships
    5. Public Speaking Events & Workshops
    6. Coaching with other Creators


Full Name 
Roberto Blake II

June 21, 1984
Brooklyn, New York USA


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