Creator’s Don’t Have To Be Starving Artists. I’m Here to Help You Put Your Passion To Purpose

Creative Entrepreneur, YouTube Certified Educator, Keynote Speaker & Content Creator

Creator of over 1500 educational videos [watch a few] for aspiring entrepreneurs and creative professionals, and a popular podcast Create Something Awesome Today, Roberto Blake has reached millions and inspired them to embrace their creativity and ambition, through actionable advice, both in his content and speaking engagements.

Founder of Awesome Creator Academy, Roberto educates and motivates small business owners and content creators, and helps them in building their brands and businesses.

He is known for his direct and transparent way of teaching education based content with a strong motivational message of empowerment. Roberto is a Keynote speaker who travels far and wide to connect with creators and entrepreneurs, dedicated to delivering on the promise of their potential.

In August of 2022 Roberto published his Bestselling book “Create Something Awesome: How Creators Are Profiting From Their Passion in the Creator Economy”, giving an insider’s perspective on the Creator Economy and how build your income and influence as a content creator.

Roberto has announced that this is the first book of his “Creator Economy Insider” series, and has already begun work on a second book to release in late 2023.

Roberto is an Atlanta resident, but as a Brooklyn born New York, roots for the Yankees. His personal passions, are reading, travel and photography. The causes he is most passionate about are Pencils of Promise, Charity Water, and the World Wildlife Fund.