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Roberto Blake Helps Creators Build Brands

Roberto Blake is a Creative Entrepreneur and Founder of Awesome Creator Academy; a coaching program that helps influencers and entrepreneurs build their brands online.

He is the CEO of Create Awesome Media, a Branding Agency focused on helping Content Creators and Influencers.

In 2013 Roberto launched a YouTube channel helping creatives with career development and personal branding. He has created over 1500 videos on YouTube and has an audience of over 500K subscribers.

He is a Keynote Speaker and host of the popular Create Something Awesome Today Podcast. On the podcast he interviews guests and dives into deeper topics around the growing Creator Economy.

“Where motivation fails you, discipline won’t.”

– Roberto Blake

Roberto on YouTube

Watch each week as Roberto offers his insights into becoming a full-time Creator. Roberto gives you advice on navigating the Creator Economy and earn more as a creator.

To-date Roberto has earned over $2M in revenue as full-time Creator and grown his audience to over 600,000.

IMPACTFUL Keynote Speaker

“It means the world to me, to engage audiences with actionable ideas that have a real impact on their brand. I love connecting with a community that wants to grow their value and execute on their vision.”

Roberto is a Keynote Speaker and featured at events like VidCon, Vidsummit, Podfest and Social Media Marketing World. He has built a  multiple 6-Figure Business via Brand Partnerships, Affiliate Marketing, E-commerce and other online ventures.

ROBERTO IS A Creator Economy educator

.Roberto Blake has created over 1600 YouTube Videos and is a leading expert in the Creator Economy, featured by Forbes Entrepreneur, Wall Street Journal & Black Enterprise.

He has gained over 600,000 Subscribers and over 40 Million Video Views.

Through Coaching at Awesome Creator Academy Roberto has helped over 500 Creators grow thriving brands on YouTube and Social Media and has directly helped over 60+ Creators earn Silver Play Buttons on YouTube.

Roberto Blake - Author, Entrepreneur, Speaker

Bestselling author Of Create Something Awesome

Roberto Blake is an Amazon Bestselling Author of the book “Create Something Awesome: How Creators Are Profiting Their Passion in the Creator Economy”. This book is the first in the “Creator Economy Insider” series, and highlights how to begin a career as a content creator, grow your audience and influence, as well as how full-time content creators earn their living from YouTube, Podcasting and Live Streaming.


Stop struggling and start growing! Use this 12-Week Creator Playbook to focus and take action on your YouTube channel this year.

Most Creators stagnate and struggle to grow because they don’t know how to put the energy into the right things to level up and move their brand forward. This playbook will put you on the path to accelerating your growth based on the strategy of “The 12-Week Year”.

Roberto Blake - Author, Entrepreneur, Speaker

“Create Something Awesome Today!”

– Roberto Blake