How I Earn $25,000 a Month as a Full-Time Content Creator

Posted On May 22, 2021

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How Much Money Does Roberto Blake Earn as a Full-Time Content Creator?

Sharing my income is something that over the years I’ve forced myself to become comfortable with so that it can be a learning opportunity for others. It’s not something I do to brag or show off, but to demonstrate what is possible. I didn’t come from money, and I grew up in a single-parent home after my parents divorced when I was a teenager. When I started working at the mall as a teenager I was earning $6.25/hour and didn’t start earning 6 figures per year until I was in my 30s.

Currently, Roberto Blake earns $25,000 per month on average as a Full-time Content Creator with multiple online ventures. The majority of that income comes from a combination of Services, Products, and Affiliate Marketing.

How Roberto Blake Makes His Money:

Earning $25,000 is something I didn’t believe was possible for me or someone like me. While my family didn’t pull the whole “starving artists” line or try to discourage me from pursuing creativity as a career it was challenging. When I worked for a company as a graphic designer I believe my salary ended up being $36,000/year, which means I was working as a full-time creative professional before becoming an entrepreneur.

In my late 20s when I became a full-time freelancer I was able to earn about $55,000 a year.

2016 was the first year I broke a 6 figure income, and as of 2020, I am currently averaging $25,000 across multiple income streams. The income streams directly related to my YouTube channel are something I try to share through my YouTube Income Reports.

The reason I am able to earn this money is that I have diversified my income streams across 6 different business models and I add multiple new income sources within these business models each year. Currently, I add 2 new income sources per year.

*An Income Stream is a TYPE such as Affiliate Marketing or Membership. An income source is a specific website like YouTube, or Skillshare or Tubebuddy, or a specific Business.

Diversifying Income Streams – Roberto Blake Income



There are several videos where I have shared screenshots in real-time and even during live streams that make this level of income easily verifiable. I have also done a public case study with Tubebuddy as an affiliate where we showed that over the course of my relationship with them since 2016 that I have earned over $250,000 through their affiliate program, during the lifetime of our relationship.

Currently, that number is now over $295,000 in lifetime earnings as a Tubebuddy affiliate. The Tubebuddy affiliate program is one of my largest individual income sources, averaging over $5000 per month, and this income is monthly recurring income from sales. This represents TRUE PASSIVE INCOME.


In 2017 I founded Awesome Creator Academy as my coaching business and started offering a group coaching program for $29/month. (the price has since increased for new members, $59/month as of 2020).

While I had been doing consulting and social media management for brands and entrepreneurs before this I decided to formalize a coaching business that would focus around Content Creators and Influencers. The goal is to help others become full-time Content Creators, as well as help established Creators scale their brand and figure out logistics problems and new income streams.

Through a combination of selling individual digital products, 1-on-1 coaching calls, and group membership, Awesome Creator Academy earns on average $8000+ per month.

Recently we have also expanded the scope of Create Awesome Media to be a branding agency that focuses on Content Creators and offering graphic design and photography services to Creators. I anticipate these services will generate high levels of income over the next few years.

BRAND DEALS + SPONSORSHIP – $100,000 per year

When it comes to brand deals, NDA’s make talking about exactly how much is earned from them very difficult. Many creators also don’t disclose this number as it can undermine them in future negotiations, which is why the information surrounding brand deals tends to be very vague.

I’ve Created a PLAYLIST on YouTube about Brand Deals, to try to help creators who can’t find clear answers about influencer brand deals. My 2019 Media Kit also has my pricing for that type of content.

What I can tell you is that my largest brand deals have been campaigns and those custom campaigns have been over $20,000. My largest single Instagram Brand Deal has been over $5000, and that my recurring brand deals are several thousand dollars per month when I do those for 6-12 month engagements.

Brand deals are usually one-off videos or projects and the amount of those you get can be inconsistent. By having a recurring sponsorship as a brand ambassador you can earn a more stable income overall. Having 2-3 recurring brands sponsors can help a creator have a stable full-time income and invest in themselves and their growth.


Many of you know that I’ve been a YouTube Creator for almost a decade. YouTube Ad Revenue is counted on your taxes as Royalty based income (more important if you live outside the United States).

YouTube revenue is based on how many monetized views you have that ad revenue plays on, and the demographics of your audience and niche determine your CPM/RPM ad rates.

My CPM Rate on YouTube is very high (over $20) giving me a $10RPM, in layman’s terms, I earn $10 for every 1000 views I get on my YouTube channel. I earn $1000-$1300 for every 100,000 views I get each month.

If I get 400,000-600,000 views I will earn $6,000 per month. If I take a long break due to travel or mental health and don’t upload much throughout a month my views will drastically decrease and my income from ad revenue will be around $2000 or in the most extreme case $1200 if I only get 100,000 or so views.

As long as I upload 1-2 videos per week and live stream twice a month on YouTube I will earn roughly $3500 per month consistently from YouTube Ad Revenue alone.

Due to a course, I produced for LinkedIn during 2018 I also earn Royalty income from the licensing of that course, usually about $400 a month (truly passive income) without doing much promotion of the course at all.

Later in 2021 (this year), I plan to release several courses on Skillshare that I believe will eventually earn me comparable revenue to YouTube through Royalties. I also believe 2 of my other channels will reach the monetization requirements this year for YouTube Ad Revenue.


With the information, I have provided you about my different income streams and showing you just a few of my overall income sources you can verify roughly up to $18,000 worth of my monthly average income.

I make as much effort as I can do while respecting my boundaries to be transparent with you about these things knowing that there are many extraordinary claims out there.

Keep in mind the burden of proof is not on me, it would be for someone to disprove my claims with evidence rather than opinions or speculation.

One of the reasons I share this all in such detail is because my friend Pat Flynn, someone I look up to has always been extremely transparent and it has really helped me over the years to better understand what is possible.

It is also important for me to show you that I make MAJORITY of my income without my YouTube channel. I certainly use my YouTube channel as my single largest marketing funnel.

Understanding that I also can earn from content through other platforms and that I can get brand deals through Instagram, and that I have TRUE recurring passive income through multiple affiliate programs; (not just Tubebuddy, Kajabi is $1200/month of recurring true passive income through an affiliate. I have several smaller affiliate programs).

The diversification of these business models and the fact I’m decentralizing my content from YouTube is extremely important.


Roberto Blake has a net worth of less than $1 Million.
Yes, that is all the information you are getting on the net worth of Roberto Blake, and yes I intentionally wrote this part of the article to cover the Google Searches for “Roberto Blake Net Worth“. While it’s normal for people to be curious this is the current boundary I am setting when it comes to talking about income and wealth.

I’ve been very open about my debt journey, supporting my family members; and that I’m extremely frugal outside of investing back into growing my creative business ventures.

When my net worth is over $1 Million that is when I will openly talk about it, as it is a significant milestone. Earning $25,000 also sounds more extravagant than it actually is when compared to a salary.


I use the PROFIT FIRST model of business income, which means that :

10% of what I earn is profit $2500/mo (saved, invested, or spent on debt)
15% is set aside for tax payments $3750/mo (saved for monthly/quarterly taxes)
35% covers my living expenses $8750 (rent, utilities, healthcare, retirement, investments)
40% is reinvested in my business $10,000 (software, services, legal, payroll, freelancers)





Written by Roberto Blake

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