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As a subject matter expert on visual branding, and video marketing Roberto provides tactical advice, while educating and motivating audiences to take action. As a Creative Entrepreneur, he understands the challenges balancing artistic vision with practicality and can empathize with creatives and the business owners who hire them. Roberto is known for educating while creating enthusiasm through his popular YouTube Channel. With regard to social media and video marketing, Roberto's online presence and influence speaks for itself; reaching an audience of over 275,000. Roberto is also YouTuber Certified in Content Strategy and Audience Growth.

YOUTUBE: Video Production, Audience Growth, Biz Dev

Roberto is a YouTube Certified Expert in the categories of Content Strategy, Content Ownership and Audience Growth. Since July of 2013 I've produced weekly content on YouTube as a solo creator. By building tactical evergreen content, it was possible to grow an audience of over 275,000 subscribers, with a diverse audience across the creative community. With a focus on Video SEO, Practical Video Production, Audience Growth and Engagement, I approach YouTube as business owner and educator. My speaking sessions help creators and brands use YouTube as a platform for achieving their goals and gain the attention of their ideal audience.

  • 5 Keys to Dominating YouTube Video SEO and Rankings
  • Monetizing Your Message: The Business Side of YouTube
  • Advanced Tactics for YouTube Audience Growth and Engagement
  • YouTube Analytics and Dashboard Breakdown
  • Step by Step YouTube Production and Promotion for Businesses and Brands

Thought Leadership and Influence

Consumers are shifting away from engaging with traditional advertising. This shift has seen a rise in brands leveraging the influence of popular online personalities that can reach their audience. Individuals who have become noted "Thought Leaders" and subject matter experts are valuable to brands who want to tap into their ability to influence consumers. My experience in this arena is both as a Thought Leader who has grown a large community, but also as a subject matter expert who has worked with high profile brands and advocated for them through sponsorship and affiliate marketing opportunities.

My speaking sessions can guide content creators and expets on the path to building their credibility, growing a community and working with brands for mutual benefit.

  • Positioning Yourself As A Subject Matter Expert
  • Standing Out In A Saturated Market or Niche
  • Building Your Personal Brand on Passion, Purpose and Practicality
  • 5 Core Lessons in Working with Sponsors and Pitching Brands
  • Growing Loyalty: From Content to Community

Marketing and Advertising

As a marketing influencer and a designer with a background in advertising, I know firsthand the impact they have on the bottom line of a business. Leveraging new marketing platforms and opportunities is important, but it also means understanding how to use them in the right context. My sessions help audiences demystify social media, video marketing and their other challenges and put them in a position to feel confident in tackling them head on. Below are my primary marketing related sessions but feel free to reach out about other possible topics.

  • Using Influencers to Enhance Your Marketing Campaigns
  • Video Marketing Tactics for Lead Generation and List Growth
  • How to Measure the Effectiveness and ROI of Influencer Marketing
  • Leveraging Live Video for Marketing, Leads and Sales
  • 5 Pillars of Content Marketing that Converts
  • Leveraging Live Video and Webinars for Leads

Creative Services and Social Media

Many creative professionals feel overwhelmed by Social Media or that it doesn't fit their personality or skills. Some long for the days of "the work speaking for itself". Storytelling is the advantage that creative professionals have regradless of their medium, and social media can help amplify it and target it to gain the attention of the right audience. My sessions are tactical and actionable and will help creatives feel confident in their social media engagement, by creating content that converts.

  • Cutting Through the Noise: Social Media for Creatives
  • Brand Building Tactics for Creative Professionals
  • Video Production and Video Editing for Creatives and Entrepreneurs
  • Social Media and Marketing for Introverted Creatives
  • The Creative Advantage: Building Content that Converts
  • Portfolios, Personality, Positioning and Passion: Selling Creative Services

Workshops and Demonstrations

"Show, don't tell", is a very practical process for education and storytelling. My workshops and demonstrations provide audiences with effective tactics and techniques for accomplishing task without feeling overwhelmed. These resources are supported by Q&A sessions that create unique value for each new audience.

  • Quick and Painless Video Editing: Adobe Premiere Pro
  • 5 Minute Photoshop: 9 Quick Tricks and Powerful Techniques
  • Creating and Editing Stunning Videos with Your Smartphone
  • Design on the Go With Adobe Mobile Apps
  • Breaking Down YouTube from A-Z

Motivational Speaking

Execution is more often than not, only as powerful as the motive and intentions behind it. The majority of people today identify themselves as struggling with balance. Many in the workplace or in an educational environment identify themselves as victims of bullying or harassment. There is a strong desire to feel in control of one's life as well as one's career and sense of purpose. These sessions help educate and empower individuals to take action and build the habits that lead the outcomes they desire most for themselves.

  • Just Create Awesome: Mindset, Messaging and Monetizing
  • Building Your Personal Brand and Personal Power
  • Valuing Your Vulnerability
  • Cyber Bullying and Social Media Safety

Speaking Events

    Upcoming Speaking Events
  • PODFEST 2018
  • Social Media Marketing World 2018
  • Richmond VA, AMA KEYNOTE March 2018
  • Social media Day Workshop Jacksonville, FL
  • Social Media Day San Diego, CA
  • NameSummit 2018
  • Vidsummit 2018
  • Video Marketing World 2018
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Watch Roberto Speaking at HOW DESIGN LIVE

HOW DESIGN LIVE 2016 May | Atlanta
Speaking Session: Cutting Through The Noise, Social Media for Creatives

Watch Roberto Social Media Marketing World

Social Media Marketing World 2017 June | San Diego California
Speaking Session: YouTube Video Production, From Idea to Execution

What People Are Saying About Roberto...

"There are many influencers and experts in the digital space but Roberto Blake truly does stand out from the rest. Roberto is incredibly dedicated to his craft and is persistent in creating relatable and useful content for his followers. Not only is Roberto great at what he does, he is very generous at giving his time sharing insight with his community."
Chelsea Krost Co-founder MPulse
"He has a real passion for creative entrepreneurship and empowering others, and the community he’s built around his creative philosophy is a reflection of his commitment to his following."
Jared Kleinert-Forbes

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Roberto Blake has been featured on, Print Magazine, HOW Design, Print Media Centr, Advanced Photoshop Magazine and Photoshop Creative Magazine

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