Roberto Blake, Graphic Designer, Logo Designer, Print Designer, Web Designer

New York Graphic Designer Roberto Blake

Roberto Blake is a Professional Graphic Designer and Digital Artist, and has been working with Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign commercially for over 9 years now.

“Ever since I was young I always have been creative, and had a real passion for visual art. I was completely infatuated with drawings, photographs, sculptures and anything that could be called art! I began learning HTML at very young age so that I could showcase my creations on the web. From that moment, I knew I wanted to be a Graphic Designer and Digital Artist.”

Roberto Blake is a NYC Graphic Designer from Brooklyn New York, with a multi-discipline skill set that allows him to design for across mediums. Roberto's work has been published in various magazines and websites such as Advanced Photoshop and Photoshop Magazine.

"I specialize in high impact brand development and advertising. For me that means helping brands find the right message and communicating it boldly. From identity to print, to digital and mobile, I focus on polished visual presentations aimed at creating unique and engaging experiences that get people's attention.

I do this by combining my creativity with consistency and context. For me visual arts is not something I picked up in school or a career path I chose, it has made up my world form the beginning and is the foundation of who I am as an individual. There are many ways to tell a story, and I've benefited from learning as many of them as possible throughout my life and career. Executing good design sense, while strategically managing projects and maintaining and building strong relationships is a large part of my core values."

Contacting Roberto Blake
Phone: 910.551.6170
Skype: roberto.blake

Premiere Pro ®
After Effects ®
Lightroom® 5
Final Cut Pro X
Web Design/Development
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Marketing

Skills/ Experience
Branding & Logo Design
Photo Manipulation/ Digital Art
Photography & Retouching
Print Production Design
Poster Design
Video Production/ Editing
Motion Graphics/ Animation

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NYC Digital Artist Roberto Blake

Roberto Blake | Graphic Designer | Logo Designer [ View More Logo Design Samples ]

NYC Logo Designer, Logo Designer Roberto Blake

Roberto Blake | Graphic Design | Celestial Being | Featured in Advanced 67 & Photoshop Creative 60

Roberto Blake | Graphic Design | Celestial Being

Roberto Blake | Graphic Design | Energetic Featured in Photoshop Creative 60

Roberto Blake | Graphic Design | Energetic

Roberto Blake | Graphic Design | Touched | Featured in Advanced Photoshop 67 & Photoshop Creative 60

Roberto Blake | Graphic Design | Touched