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Roberto Blake is a Creative Entrepreneur helping businesses, brands and individuals market themselves effectively with engaging visuals and effective messages.

Roberto has over 10 years of experience commercially in design and marketing and has helped brands, both large and small achieve their goals and reach their audiences.

His work has been recognized by Forbes, Huffington Post, Adobe and Photoshop Creative Magazines.
He is a HOW Design Live Speaker and contributor to several publications.


Instead of reading about how I can create value for you, let me show you!


Creativity is about intent and purpose as well as expression, it is about understanding how to communicate and drive engagement. To produce effective results creatives today have to become marketers and technicians in addition to being artists.

Empathizing with clients, being able to understand the needs of an audience and adapt requires: creativity, consistency and context.

"I believe in execution and proving results, not just following best practices and theories. The results I've been able to achieve for myself and clients reflect that."



Hire Roberto Blake as a Graphic Designer and Brand Strategist

Images have impact and help not only create an emotional connection with audience, but context. My design philosophy focuses on the 5 C's: Creativity, Consistency, Context, Communication and Clarity.


Hire Roberto Blake For Consulting and Social Media Marketing

As a practitioner and marketing influencer I've helped brands: reach their audiences, develop content strategies and optimize their message for the context of new platforms as they emerge.


Hire Roberto Blake as a Writer or Contributing Author

Currently I'm a contributing writer to several publications including: HOW Design, PRINT Magazine, Creative Pro and several others.  In late 2016 my upcoming book "Just Create Awesome" will be released.


Hire Roberto Blake to Speak at Your Event

Public speaking has allowed me to help provide actionable advice to businesses, entrepreneurs, creative professionals and students. It's also given me the opportunity to connect with amazing people directly.


Hire Roberto Blake for Training and Workshops

My training allows individuals to invest in self education. For companies I provide on-site workshops and remote training. I've also created hundreds for free Online resources through YouTube and my Blog.

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Roberto Blake has developed the Create Awesome Brand and Movement to Help Movitate and Educate Creative Professional and Entrepreneurs by building a community of creativity, care and connection.

"Create Awesome Things and Share Them With the World", that is my true narrative and mission. I've built a community and brand around educating and motivating people to achieve their creative ambitions.

What People Are Saying About Roberto...

"There are many influencers and experts in the digital space but Roberto Blake truly does stand out from the rest. Roberto is incredibly dedicated to his craft and is persistent in creating relatable and useful content for his followers. Not only is Roberto great at what he does, he is very generous at giving his time sharing insight with his community." Chelsea Krost Co-founder MPulse
"He has a real passion for creative entrepreneurship and empowering others, and the community he’s built around his creative philosophy is a reflection of his commitment to his following." Jared Kleinert-Forbes

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Roberto Blake has been featured on Forbes.com, Print Magazine, HOW Design, Print Media Centr, Advanced Photoshop Magazine and Photoshop Creative Magazine


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