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Roberto Blake as an extensive background in content marketing and has helped brands and individuals reach their target market with compelling content that drives engagement and/or converts to sales. In addition to maintaining is blog covering a variety of topics he is a contributing writer for several respected industry publications including: Creative Pro, HOW Design, Print Magazine and Print Media Center, among others.

His knowledge of inbound marketing and social media also plays a heavy role in his writing. By leveraging that knowledge he is able to write content that has a higher level of discover-ability in search engines like Google and is more likely to be shared via Social Media.

Articles & Blog Post

Creating engaging content that keeps the audience coming back or drives them to take action is not something just anyone can do. Powerful content creation requires the ability to the empathize with the audience and adjust your tone accordingly. Roberto has a proven background in building that relationship with audiences and driving engagement; whether that translates to comments or conversions.

In modern content marketing it is not enough to be good at the formal writing process; SEO and knowing what content is going to be shared in Social Media is a factor. This is an area in which Roberto has proven experience and expertise. He also has an inventory of video and audio content that can help make articles more "sticky" for users and gives them a choice in how they consume their content.

Biographies & Profiles

Communicating your unique value to clients, your industry and your contemporaries is something that can be challenging for most people. Understanding your story and how to make that easy to relate to as well as relevant to an audience is where Roberto can help.

Though a focus on creativity, consistency, context and clear communication, your bio can attract the right attention and position you to execute on your goals or even build your network. Roberto will help you develop a consistent message based in authenticity that is concise enough while speaking to your maximum value. There will be on copy and paste tactics; instead you will receive content that takes advantage of the context of the platform you're promoting yourself in.

Website Content

Promoting your products and services to customers and clients is the primary goal of your website. The measure of effective content in this situation is the ability of the content to convert your audience into sales for your business. Quality content can make or break a business and is the key to effective inbound marketing.

Ultimately people by based on their instincts, what is in their gut. Ineffective sales copy overwhelms customers with features and benefits. Customers need to know what is in it for them. Roberto can provide you with content that helps you deliver clear and concise communication to your audience and makes a buying decision easier.

Books & Authorship

Roberto is the author of the 7 Points of Personal Branding, Mini Guide which is a Free E-Book provided to those subscribed to the Create Awesome Community Newsletter. You can download it by joining the newsletter.

7 Points of Personal Branding is a short guide that outlines the 7 Point System that Roberto used in developing his own personal brand, in terms of finding his voice and vision and how to present it effectively. This mini guide is intended to give someone developing a personal brand concise and actionable information that will help them build a strategy for authentic storytelling that aligns to their goals, whether they be personal or professional.

Freelancing is Not Free is an introduction to the freelancing for profit, and the practical considerations and cost that come with it. This mini guide outlines the foundations for a successful freelance practice, including the tools of the trade, how to caputre money from clients and tactics for effective marketing. This E-book is also part of a free online course Intro to Awesome Freelancing!

He is also scheduled to release several E-books covering the topics of Video Marketing, Content Marketing Strategy and Social Media Automation in 2016.

Currently Roberto is writing the book Just Create Awesome: Building a Mentality for Creative Success! which is scheduled to release in late Fall/Winter of 2016

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