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Video Editing and Cinematography have been a part of my life for a very long time. I first got involved with this as an assistant photographer and videographer working for another photographer and his wife as a teenager. I started video editing in Adobe Premiere Pro Version 6 and have kept up with it ever since. I've since found that my abilities as a graphic designer bring a whole other dimension to my art direction when producing and editing video. I primarily shoot my videos using a Nikon D3200 DSLR HD Video Camera.

Video Editing and Cinematography Reel | Nikon D3200

My primary Video Editng workflow focuses on Adobe software such as Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Audtion. For Motion Graphics I primarily use Adobe After Effects. I also use Apple Final Cut Pro X and Apple Motion. In addition to Video Editing and Cinematography, I have advanced experience with Video Encoding in various formats and maintaining video quality and creating fully functional DVDs and DVD menus using Adobe Encore CS6.

Motion Graphics Logo Sample

Managing my own Youtube Channel and Producing various software tutorial videos has allowed me to gain in depth experience and screencasting and screen recording. I primarily use Camtasia Studio, Apple Quicktime and Camstudio for recording computer screens and prodceed to edit these screencast in Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro X..

Video Screencast Sample: Photoshop Speed Art

Interview Video Sample

My Video Editing Process an Workflow

Organizing and Labeling Footage: I use Adobe Prelude to sort, organize and metatag my footage when importing from directly from Lexar and Transcend High Capacity SD Memory Cards.

Selecting Footage: I usually make my video selection in Adobe Prelude and even create sub-clips there before importning into Adobe Premiere Pro. There I continue making selections and sorting footage while scrubbing through it.

Editing and Cutting: I do my primary editing in Adobe Premiere Pro unless I was already supplied Final Cut or Pro Res files to work with. Adobe Premiere Pro allows me to do quick editing and transitions and even simple motion graphics and titles. For advanced motion graphics I use Adobe After Effects

Color Correction and Color Grading: Adobe Premiere Pro is usually the method I use for quick color grading on projects. However more involved or professional level projects are color graded using Adobe Speed Grade,

Exporting and Encoding: I usual like to avoid transcoding to preserve the quality of the original footage. I tend to use a complete end to end HD workflow. However whenvever files require conversion from the original format I tend to use te H264 encoding standard for High Quality HD video for web, DVD and Blu-ray. For converting video I use Adobe Media Encoder or Handbrake.

Video Editing and Production Equipment

Nikon D3200 DSLR Video Camera
Sony HD Bloggie 2010 Edition Mobile Camcorder
Zoom NH1 Digital Audio Recorder
Audio Technica Shotgun Mic
Blue Snowflake USB Mic
Adobe Premier Pro CC, Adobe Encore CS6, Adobe After Effects CC w/Cinema 4D Lite, Adobe Auditon CC,
Adobe Media Encoder, Adobe Prelude, Apple Final Cut Pro X, Compressor, Garage Band, Apple Motion, Camtasia, Quick Time Pro, Camstudio,

Contacting Roberto Blake
P: 310.409.5408
C: 910.551.6170
Skype: roberto.blake

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Lightroom® 5
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Branding & Logo Design
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Video Production/ Editing
Motion Graphics/ Animation

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