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Roberto is a social media practitioner and has established a large social media presence, most notably a YouTube audience of over 100,000 subscribers with a monthly growth rate averaging around 8,000 new subscribers each month. He has proven that it is possible to maintain a consistently engaged following across multiple social media platforms, while respecting the context of each platform and what it has to offer.

Social Media Marketing & Consulting

As a social media influencer across a range of topics and platforms I've helped clients and businesses overcome their challenges. I've found that with education and training to understand the context of each platform, which ones have the best ROI value for brand and by exploring communication strategies. Social media doesn't have be noise and a brand can win customers, even in a saturated market. My own influence and audience of over 75,000 exist as proof of that.

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  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • Social Media Brand Audits
  • Audience Growth and Engagement Strategy
  • Social Media Automation Strategy
  • Communication Strategy and Messaging
  • Visual Branding Asset Development
  • (SEO) Search Engine Optimization


Video Marketing & Consulting

As an authority in video marketing across multiple platforms I've helped clients and businesses leverage the power of video marketing to reach their audiences, build engagement and drive conversions. Through a variety of services to I help my clients align their content to their business goals and execute on effective video marketing strategies.

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1 Hour Skype Consulting Session

  • Video Platform Strategy
  • YouTube Channel Audits
  • Video SEO Strategy and Implementation
  • Audience Growth and Engagement Strategy
  • Video Content Strategy
  • Training for Live Streaming Platforms


Brand Advocacy & Sponsorships

Through content and social media I have been able to advocate on the behalf of brands and companies that my audience believes in and share the value of their products and services with that growing audience. This has allowed me to build great relationships with companies such as Logitech, Western Digital, Lexar, Seagate and Famebit. Please reach out if you'd like to discuss opportunities for brand advocacy and sponsorship.

  • YouTube Video Content Sponsorship
  • Podcast Sponsorship
  • Live Stream Sponsors
  • Product/Service Reviews and Demos
  • Brand Ambassador Relationship


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