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Featured Artist Rodney Hart of Deviantart

Today’s Featured Artist is someone I have been watching on Deviant Art for quite a while. His work is nothing less than stellar, captivating, and inspiring. I’m actually surprised he doesn’t have tens of thousands of views to his Deviant Art page because as you will see his work is just that good! His name is Rodney Hart and he is a Graphic Designer based out of the UK.

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Free Fantasy Wallpaper Light Bringer

Thanks to the plugin Genuine Fractals 6 I’m able to resize and recrop a lot of my work for different purposes. Everything from creating desktops, to prints! It really is an amazing plugin and well worth the investment to any graphic designer for the range of things it allows you to do with your images, all without a loss of quality. I decided to offer one of my favorite early Fantasy Photo-manipulations, Light Bringer, as a free desktop background.

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