9 Ways to Market Yourself in 2012Marketing and self promotion today is pretty straight forward. Think about what you do in your everyday life when its time to make an informed decision. Personally if I want to find the best deal on computer hardware, I do a Google Search. If I need a plumber or painter, I ask friends for recommendations and I still do a Google Search on the people they suggest.

I then go to their website and try to find information on their services, rates and what people are saying about them.

This is how most people qualify their buying decisions in the technology age. And hiring and investing in you “is a buying decision” and you need to think of it that way to market yourself effectively in 2012.

An online presence of your own, as well as being visible in Search, Local Search, Review Sites, and Social Media, are all an essential part of success for businesses going forward. Today’s consumer is more savvy and more connected than ever before.

9 Ways to Market Yourself in 2012

  1.  Be accessible: Website, Email, Skype, Mobile.
    Your customers and clients need to be able to reach and touch you! They need to be able to have that feel that you are literally only a click away. If you can make yourself easier to reach, they have less trouble to go through to give you their business.
  2.  Be searchable: Can I find you in Google, Bing, Yahoo?
    Most people today like to make informed buying decisions. They also believe that any business worthwhile knows that they are searching
  3.  Be Social and Socialable:
    Are you on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter? Are People saying good things about you? Who do you know? Who have you Worked with?
  4.  Show Your Work, Your Best Work, Everywhere and Often:
    Seeing is believing, show me results! Make sure your best work is available to be seen in every possible way and talk about it.
  5.  A Face I Can Trust:
    Use real, flattering, current pictures online, even a video introduction to who you are and what you do! If at all possible have the head shot done by an ameteure photographer or photography student, using a tripod and good lighting. For video do all video with a tripod in decent lighting in a quite environment, like a conference room in the library, or a home office.
  6.  Always be ready for success. Be ready to present 100% of the time:
    Business cards, info and pictures of your work on your mobile phone. Be ready to direct people to your website, easy to remember email addresses. I keep a presentation on my smart phone all the time for a REAL ELEVATOR PITCH IN AN ELEVATOR.
  7.  Offer yourself as a solution to a series of problems:
    Communicate your understanding of certain problems, and how your skills, knowledge or resources can resolved those problems. This is the core of your marketing message. Don’t sell yourself as just another vendor or contractor, become your clients “partner”.
  8.  Define yourself as an Expert:
    Credibility is everything. By being vocal in some online format and draw attention to yourself and your knowledge of your industry, even from people that may be more prominent than yourself. This can show clients that they can trust your information and rely on it.
  9.  Constantly build your Network:
    Networking may be one of the most important and overlooked facets of good marketing. Increasing your number of valuable contacts and becoming as useful to them and generous with your time as possible, they will do your marketing for you and bring you new business.
These are just a handful of tips you can use to market and promote yourself or your business. This just a small sampling of useful tips you can find in my upcoming E-book  “How To Get More Design Clients: Winning the Success You Deserve”, being released Q1 of 2012.

About Roberto Blake
Roberto Blake is a Professional Graphic Designer, Photographer and Digital Artist. When working with clients to develop their branding, Roberto creates content to support Designers and Artist in the creative community through online articles, tutorials and videos.