Yesterday on October 5, 2011 several things happened. The sun rose in the east, my sister turned 13 years old, and the world lost a great visionary. Steve Jobs was more than a man, he was a symbol of what creatives can accomplish. And now we must all move forward into future he helped change for the better.

Steve Jobs is one of several individuals that demonstrates what can be accomplished through out of the box thinking, determination to succeed, putting creativity first and of course great leadership. After being ousted from the company he co-founded, he triumphantly returned and revitalized the company and changed several industries forever, and in a few instances created whole new industries along the way! Jobs has served as an inspiration for designers, but also for his strongest critics and competitors. I think that fact is very telling and shows that despite your point of view its very difficult to argue with success.

The Future of Apple
I think many people are concerned with Apple’s future without Steve Jobs. I for one am not. I’ve learned many lessons from Steve, and one of the most important things I learned from him is that we all have a finite amount of time and we should get used to the idea. I have no doubt he has been preparing the company for what was inevitable, and that its future and legacy is secure. I also believe Steve had an eye for talent and his ability to “see the future” didn’t extend only to product development.

I’m sure that his successor Tim Cook was picked not for any level of creativity, but based on Steve’s prediction that in the wake of his passing the company would need a firm hand, and someone stable that won’t be goaded into radical reactionary changes that could have a long term negative impact. I think Tim was picked for his ability to “stay the course” and keep the company steady. Innovations will come from within based on the talent pool at Apple. Something I’m sure Steve personally ensured.

Steve Jobs Legacy
The legacy of Steve Jobs lives in creatives, in entrepreneurs and anyone who isn’t a follower. He truly influenced and changed the world, I believe for the better. I believe we will be feeling the impact of his contributions for many decades to come. Rest in peace Steve, and thank you for everything.

About Roberto Blake
Roberto Blake is a Professional Graphic Designer, Photographer and Digital Artist. When working with clients to develop their branding, Roberto creates content to support Designers and Artist in the creative community through online articles, tutorials and videos.