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Finding a Good Web Host

Finding a good web hosting company can be a difficult thing if you’ve never had to do it before. If your not the most tech savvy person in the world it can terrifying, and you are likely to end up getting a lot of things you don’t really need. I’m going to do my best to give the no-nonsense approach to shopping for a good web hosting company.

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Empire State of Ads Part 1

New York is a truly wonderful city, particularly for creatives. You can barely walk down a street in this city without encountering a barrage of colors, advertising, art, architecture, and any number of inspiration, its is literally a creative playground. I took the opportunity to take some pictures while in the area of the 35th and Broadway, as well as when I was in the Subway catching my train back to Brooklyn. These are the ones that really caught my attention.

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How I Build Myself As A Brand

Many people have asked me lately how I achieved some of my goals and popularity as a designer so quickly. In all honest I’m forced to admit that it has more to do with my understanding of 2 things rather than some tremendous talent I supposedly have (I still have a ways to go to be the designer I want to be), and those 2 things are: Marketing and Technology, and the fact that applied them to Brand Development.

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Photo Manipulation Look At Me

I really enjoyed working on this particular image. Look at me was a chance to try out some new techniques. I did extensive retouch work to this image including, completely recreating the eyes and lips, whitening the teeth, and smoothing the skin.

I used different adjustment layers to really get the image to pop. The butterfly wings I did myself using a reference. The model in this image was great and had very unique and expressive features that allowed this image to work the way I imagined it.

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Fixing GoDaddy PHP Include Files

This is a short and sweet deal today. In the process of trying to help some fix their Godaddy site, I determined that it doesn’t handle PHP includes in the way that I’m used to (as with most coders) I have been fighting with it for a few days and going to Google for solutions that never seem to work. Finally I broke down and called customer support who insisted I had coded it wrong, when I had tested this repeatedly in XAMPP, Dreamweaver and my own browser and I KNEW the files were being referenced correctly.

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Graphic Designers In The Recession

The recession is still a probably for many, not just in the United States but abroad as well. The economy has hurt people from many different fields, and the Graphic and Web Design fields are no exception. The job crisis is very scary, but embracing fear isn’t the answer, finding solutions is, and as a Graphic Designer living in the recension I have some interesting advice that will help you through it.

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My Week Teaching an Advanced Photoshop Course

This past week has been interesting, and in many ways a real treat for me. I was independently contracted by an old employer to teach 14 adult [military] students an Advanced Level Photoshop CS4 course. Not only was it an opportunity to impart my knowledge on to a group of people and share my unique perspective and skills with them, but I learned things from them both as artist and as human beings throughout our time together as well.

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