Its obvious when you first look at this image that it was inspired by none other than the Jabbawockeez, the Season 1 Champions of America’s Best Dance Crew, who also stared in the movie Step Up 2 The Streets, who have taken the nation by storm.

I love break dancing, hip hop, and all forms of artistic and expression, and this image in which I am actually the model, allowed me to unite those passions in an interesting and unique way!


I had a friend snap a few pictures of me while I was doing a few moves in this mask and decided to use them for a series of Photo Manipulations. In this work I wanted to get back to lighting effects as they work so well with this type of image. I also wanted to add various other elements to convey motion, such as the arrows and the lines. It was also vary different to be in front of the camera for a change, but an interesting experience, I think I will try being my own model more often as it has opened up some interesting possibilities.

As for the Jabbawockeez mask, it was actually left over from my Halloween costume I wore while clubbing this year, which was a hit. I have some other images that I will post when they are finished but I just couldn’t wait to share this with you all. I’m a huge fan of the Jabbawockeez and I really enjoyed working on this image.

Visual Effects
This image required a series of layer for each of the individual effects as well as some intense masking, I would say there was anything in particular I had to do that I hadn’t used in previous images before as far as technique, I think it was more of a matter of execution in which I think I’ve improved quite a bit. In away this comes back full circle to “Dark Leap” one of my first images in this style. I’ve mostly improved on the techniques I used for that image and combined them with everything else I’ve learned since then.

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This kind of photo manipulation are also taught to students taking Graphic Design Degree and part of their basic curriculum.

About Roberto Blake
Roberto Blake is a Professional Graphic Designer, Photographer and Digital Artist. When working with clients to develop their branding, Roberto creates content to support Designers and Artist in the creative community through online articles, tutorials and videos.