In the next week or two I will be compiling a list of graphic designers, web designers, and digital artist that use twitter. I know that we’ve all seen list like this before, but I’m hoping to mix it up a little, in addition to listing people that I already know as designers and artist from the web, I”m letting you guys recommend who should be on the list, and nominate others or yourselves too. I will actually with a few friends be looking at the twitter pages of everyone suggested for the list.

Now if you want to recommend yourself or another person to be on the list all you need to do is drop a comment with a link to that persons twitter account and why you think they should be on the list, that’s it!

@robertoblake woud be great for the list because of his articles and the fact he features other artist on his blog!

Some of the qualities I will be looking at when deciding who is on the list are:

The quality of information the tweet, like links, resources
How often they the tweet, too much, too little
If they Retweet others or not
Following to follower ratio

And to give everyone submitted to the this list some extra exposure I will be doing the following:

Posting the list on Deviant Art
Posting the list on Behance
Posting the list as a community link on various design blogs
Posting the list on my twitter account
Posting the list on myspace and facebook.

If you want to help get these artist exposure, or even encourage people to get listed you can post this article and the actual list where ever you think it would help, you can also add these people to your own list on twitter!

I’m actually hoping to get at least 50 people or more on this list, thanks in advance to everyone participating in this!
If you don’t feel comfortable with leaving a comment then just send me a direct message on twitter or send me an email to:

I’m looking forward to seeing who participates, good luck to you all!

About Roberto Blake
Roberto Blake is a Professional Graphic Designer, Photographer and Digital Artist. When working with clients to develop their branding, Roberto creates content to support Designers and Artist in the creative community through online articles, tutorials and videos.