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Guide to Being A Better Design Client Part 1

Usually I develop articles to help designers and other creatives, but today I’m going to write something that will help both designers and clients. For designers this will allow you to understand that you are not alone in wishing that circumstances in your client relationships were better and possibly give you an idea as to how to communicate to your client or employer the changes you wish to occur in your relationship with them.

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Roberto Blake Featured on

I woke up today to find that I had the honor of being featured in an article by @KarenMcDade on This is a real treat with me since I was put along side my own personal heroes like David Cousens and BrandNu! I can’t tell you how blown away I was by that when I saw it. Ultimately the article is to introduce the community to underexposed designers that use twitter and offer something of value to the design community by doing it, which was a great idea that I fully support.

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Featured Artist Rodney Hart of Deviantart

Today’s Featured Artist is someone I have been watching on Deviant Art for quite a while. His work is nothing less than stellar, captivating, and inspiring. I’m actually surprised he doesn’t have tens of thousands of views to his Deviant Art page because as you will see his work is just that good! His name is Rodney Hart and he is a Graphic Designer based out of the UK.

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Get On the List: Graphic Designers that Use Twitter

In the next week or two I will be compiling a list of graphic designers, web designers, and digital artist that use twitter. I know that we’ve all seen list like this before, but I’m hoping to mix it up a little, in addition to listing people that I already know as designers and artist from the web, I”m letting you guys recommend who should be on the list, and nominate others or yourselves too.

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