Your PDF Portfolio is going to be a portfolio that you can email to clients from your computer or even your smartphone when you don’t have an opportunity to show your print portfolio.

I recommend building your PDF Portfolio in Adobe InDesign which I used to develop my PDF and Print Portfolios, but you can use any program you are comfortable with.

How to Design Your PDF Portfolio

General Tips for Your PDF Portfolio

  • Show your work that is the best of the best (with honors sir!).
  • Make sure you include your contact information and some background on yourself in your portfolio.
  • Try to use your portfolio cover page to showcase your style and tie to your other branding like your business cards.
  • Show as much work as you think you need to, but try to keep it under 20 pages.
  • Keep the file size low so that it is convenient to send and receive via email.
  • Link a download of your portfolio on your website.
  • Upload your portfolio to as many social media websites as possible to try to attract new opportunities.
  • Make sure to have some text describing the work, the clients and what you did on the project.
  • Keep the layout simple so they can focus on the work itself.

Your Graphic Design Portfolio is the most essential tool for you getting hired whether you’re looking for employment or for new clients. Making it accessible is vital for your career. Make sure you are keeping it simple and showing  off your best work, don’t make the layout fancy to the point where it overwhelms or distracts from your body of work.

Overall make sure your portfolio reflects the work you would like to do for a client or employer and what they would expect you to produce working for them. They need to know that you’re the right person for the job, and your portfolio is supposed to communicate that.